Visual Language Artist




Born and raised in South Eastern Michigan, Nicholas Hullibarger began his artistic discovery in Temperance, MI within the Bedford Public School System. His drive and passion for the arts, with inspirational and technical guidance from his High School Art instructor, Jason Sanderson Nicholas became the first of his family to enter college and graduate. At Siena Heights University, Nicholas's alma mater, he majored in Mixed Media and Art History. With aspirations and drive to push his career further, Nicholas applied to MFA programs across the country. He quickly caught the eye of Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston where he later earned an MFA in Sculpture. Now residing in Oakland, CA with a studio in San Francisco, Hullibarger's new work focuses on space, relational aesthetics and time. 

Mr. Hullibarger is a full-time Chief Gallery Preparator, Teaches Adult education in the evenings, and focuses on his studio work every morning. Nicholas believes that teaching is a form art in of itself - “To teach is to get to the origin of the matter, to the thought behind it.” Therefor, Mr. Hullibargers artwork is vastly informed not only by his research but also by his time as an educator. Nicholas typically challenges not only his students but also himself in the pursuit of three primary learning goals: (1) confront misconceptions about what art "is" and what art "can be" (2) encourage a long lasting, sustainable relationship with creating (3) gain insight to historical contexts and how they shape our current views of the world.